The information contained in this presentation was gathered over the past years and prepared by the Proposition One Committee, Washington D.C.

Proposition One is a grassroots voter initiative intended to institute a system of law dedicated to the proposition that all life is of greater value than material or ideological objectives. The concept relies on two premises,
  1. Human beings have free will, and
  2. Given accurate information, ninety- seven-plus percent of the Race would freely choose to serve life and peace rather than death and violence, and the remainder need serious reeducation.

Thus, Proposition One believes, humanity may choose to be governed by law which serves life/liberty, or death/slavery, but not both. This presentation will attempt to explain why Proposition One, Peace through Justice, represents the only current logical, legal alternative to the prevailing World Order of Peace through Intimidation, Imprisonment and Death.

Truthfully, "Peace through Strength" means "peace" through war or the threat of violence. Objectively, the accuracy of that statement can be gauged by the facts that a) the United States alone expends over two billion dollars each day on military and covert political activities, and b) nearly a billion human beings try to survive on $2 a day; Trickle-down Economics in reality.

While Chairman of the U.S. Constitution Bicentennial Committee, former Chief Justice Warren Burger observed, "Ever since people began living in tribes and villages, they have had to balance order with liberty, individual freedom had to be weighed against the need for security of all."

Domestically, polls show that U.S. citizens are more fearful of crime than ever in history. Ironically, the "Land of the Free" now also imprisons a greater percentage of its citizens than any other nation on earth, and politicians promise to quickly increase that percentage considerably.

Most folks who ever had a life can recall a time or place when doors weren't locked and people weren't afraid of strangers. Today, the government pursues policies, at tremendous taxpayer and personal expense, which have resulted in a booming security business and a fearful society where individual insecurity and police excesses become ever more "normal."

Is humanity fated to deserve the government it has, or can free will and accurate information combine to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common prosperity, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to human posterity?

Like Thomas Jefferson, we hold that, "to think law might remain constant is like imagining a man will wear still the clothes he wore as a boy." In the eighteenth century, considering how difficult it was to communicate between, say, Georgia and Maine, the U.S. Constitution was a big step toward democracy. Now, thanks to relatively recent breakthroughs in communications technology, humanity has its first, perhaps only, opportunity to ascend to true democracy, and a balanced order with of individual freedom and the security of all.