New World Order

[written 1991]

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." Jesus Christ.

Is war peace? Does might make right? Is It a God of life, or a God of death? Mathematically the combined nuclear arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union are equal to the killing power of four tons of TNT for every man, woman, and child on earth. The laws of the United States -- paying lip service to the "Prince of Peace," assumedly founded upon the "self-evident truths" of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness -- justify the imprisonment of people who symbolically pour their own blood on nuclear missiles. Even more ironic, perhaps, is the fact that, while the theory of civilized law is to protect life, nuclear weapons have served only to protect the legal jurisdictional boundaries of the United States against those of the Soviet Union, or vice-versa.

When a nation's, or a planet's, value system is contradicted by its actions we propose that the problem lies with its laws.

Proposition One is a voter initiative to amend the constitutions of the United States and the Soviet Union to eliminate nuclear weapons and mandate economic conversion. Once implemented, Proposition One will have the effect of instituting a new system of law, conceived in spiritual harmony, and dedicated to the proposition that all life is of greater value than either material or ideological object(ive)s.

The problem is largely visionary. President Reagan imagined that he and Gorbachev would fly by helicopter over a working-class community, viewing a factory and its parking lot filled with cars and then circling over the pleasant neighborhood where the factory workers lived in homes "with lawns and back yards, perhaps with a second car or a boat in the driveway, not the concrete rabbit warrens I'd seen in Moscow."

Ask yourself, are the values which guide this country really anything more than dollars and cents? In truth haven't Ronald Reagan and the country he led been possessed solely by a vision of materialism? While homes, lawns, cars and boats are not, of course, intrinsically evil, it is evil to imagine that these things are of greater value than human life. Certainly there are not many who would proclaim unequivocally that they placed a higher value on cars and boats than on human life, but they come close.

For example, prior to adopting the "free Kuwait" slogan, President Bush more closely approximated truth by stating "our way of life ... depends on the vast oil resources in the middle east." Bush proceeded, in a theater of operations where nuclear weapons stood in the wings, to proclaim his values more loudly than words by dropping megatons of munitions on human beings to secure control of vast oil reserves. Obviously mega-death is in service to mammon.

Assuming that God is life, how can those who profess to follow Jesus while supporting carpet bombing hope to evade the fact that their service was to mammon?

To confuse this conundrum, in the aftermath of this "great American victory," tele-theologians are presently concocting and disseminating visions which characterize Jesus as a patriotic prince of war, and encourage the idea that the Creator's fury was always intended to rain down from heaven as fire. Truly, it seems, "the eyes of the seers have been covered." Isaiah 29:10.

Mega-dollar preachers overlook an important principle:

"He that leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he that kills with the (bomb) must be killed by the (bomb). Here is the patience and faith of the saints." Revelation 13:10.

Should nuclear weapons fall from the heavens, plunging humanity into a hell of flame and nuclear aftermath, why blame God? After all, wouldn't it have been human hands that framed the delivery vehicles that carried the firemaking warheads into the heavens, and human ingenuity which guided the fire back to destroy the earth's inhabitants? Isaiah 29:16.

National leaders have always known that every artillery piece, every warship made deprives the needy of sustenance:

"Indeed, people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of their way and let them have it." President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Farewell Address, 1960. Compare, 1 Samuel 8:5-18.

When a standard of law departs the bounds of truth and reason, thoughtful people must seek new directions.

A new world order is coming. Nothing can stop it. Our only choice lies in determining what the values of the new world order will be. George Bush realizes that these values will be written in law books. Those who think law books written in Orwellian Newspeak (the language written by a majority of current Supreme Court justices) to be counterproductive will appreciate Proposition One as an idea whose time has come.

We postulate that
  1. humanity's law is topsy-turvy,
  2. it would be in the spiritual -- and ultimately the material -- best interests of humanity to begin manifesting a vision of truth, justice, freedom, and equality on earth, and
  3. Proposition One offers us an opportunity to begin setting the law right-side up.


You can become an integral part of global nuclear disarmament. Proposition One is a plan of direct action. We believe a realistic assessment of that plan will encourage your group as to the possibility of real progress on an issue many have given up on.

Initiatives are powerful voter registration tools. Anything that registers progressive voters (non-registered people would vote progressive 85-90% had they voted) serves many purposes on the progessive agenda.

If a Proposition One Committee is already begun in your state, join it. If not, start one. Proposition One researchers have compiled the laws from each of the states with initiative procedures. Initial filing documents tailored to your own state's particular laws have been prepared. The headache of first finding or paying an attorney has been eliminated. Exact wording of the initiative to remain constitutional within your state's laws is another type of support we can help provide.

All your state will need to begin the petitioning drive is two individuals, one to act as "proposer" and one to act as "treasurer," to fill in their names and submit the documents to your Secretary of State's Office. While this committee's primary area of strength is legal affairs and research, we also have experienced organizational people and public speakers just a phone call to D.C. away. We are here to help.

Proposition One is the front lines of Peace in Our Time. Be sure your state is counted.