Have Any National Leader the Courage to Present Essential Needs
As Most Important? Challenge All People to Live Together Peacefully?
When, Worldwide, All Leaders Plan and Perform only Good Deeds,
Then People of All Nations Will Help Each Other to Be, and Act Friendly!

Should not Religious Leaders, Worldwide, Present the Stupidity of Hate?
Cannot All Nations Unite to Outlaw War Killing as Criminal Atrocity?
Surely Intelligent People Understand Differences can Happily Cooperate ...
The Religious of All Nations Can Demonstrate Living in Felicity!

All People have Definite Responsibility to Preserve Human Life;
Express Lovingkindness and Compassion; Always Act Humane!
Eliminate Warfare, Worldwide; Live Happily With No War Strife ...
Intelligent People Do Realize All War Killing is Absolutely Insane!

How Can Governments, Worldwide, Provide All Human Necessities?
Use War Budgets to Ensure Happy Living for People of All Nations!
Then All Leaders , Worldwide, Unite to Outlaw War; No Animosities ...
Make Sure People, Everywhere, Enjoy Life; No War Annihilations!

Then All Nationalities Can Effectively Cooperate to Live Happily, As One Human Family! Governments Can Use Assets Material
To Ensure All Nations Unite to Enjoy Living Together War Free,
Because All Humanity Effectively Live by Values Spiritual!