1. Present to all world leaders the international necessity to absolutely now discard war destruction and mass killing as criminal: the most horrible atrocity.

2. Suggest all antagonistic leaders fight each other, as did the brave and honorable, in ages past! Dueling can never cause any mass killing or destruction, as wars do, worldwide.

3. Persuade all world leaders to act sane, humane, and ensure all nations outlaw war activities as criminal atrocities! Then all people live happily together as a loving human family.

4. Challenge all nations to outlaw war as more criminal and barbaric than human sacrifice to gods and slavery: now illegal, worldwide.

5. Request people of all nations, especially the religions, do all possible to increase goodwill and friendship, worldwide. Enable all nations benefit by helpful trading: No war killing! All nations decide to use war budgets to provide human necessities, worldwide....

Result of Effective Action

All world leaders decide to act sane, humane, and ensure all nations effectively outlaw every war activity as criminal atrocity! Then, worldwide, all people can live happily together, because no leader ever plans any war activity to kill each other!