Photo Album
Hyder Fast 1986 - 1987
Outside the White House

Astrogeophysicist Dr. Charles Hyder announces his fast for nuclear disarmament at National Press Club

Senator Tom Harkin visits Hyder in November

More and more people come to visit

Supporters William Thomas, Robin White, and ex-wife Laurie Hyder

Dr. Jim Evans, Dr. Hyder's faithful companion throughout the fast

Supporter/songwriter Sunrise Harmony

Photographer Nancy Shia's children charmed by Dr. Hyder

Columnist Colman McCarthy and Nobel Laureate George Wald

Dr. Carl Sagan visits Dr. Hyder, and offers him a trip to the Geneva disarmament talks

Drs. Hyder and Evans arrive in Geneva...

... and return to snow and respect

Dr. Ted Taylor, former nuclear weapons designer, visits Dr. Hyder. A large group of scientists issued a statement supporting Dr. Hyder's goal of global nuclear disarmament, and asking him to stop fasting.

In Russia, Dr. Hyder is a hero. A pass in the Urals Mountains is named after him, and a peace float in the May Day 1987 parade is dedicated to him. Gorbachev writes him a personal note asking him to stop fasting, and praising the goal of reducing the nuclear threat.

Russian media (Igor Ignatiev of TASS, etc.) interview; US media is much less interested

American comedian Dick Gregory visits Dr. Hyder

Supporters Jim Evans and William and Ellen Thomas (background)

D.C. City Councilmember Hilda Mason (left) visits Dr. Hyder

At end of fast, Dr. Hyder announces his 1988 bid for the presidency

In the early 1970's, a solar flare was named after Dr. Hyder