During the summer of l982 a group of zionist young people were gathered in Lafayette Park to protest the Soviet Union's refusal to allow its jewish citizens the right to emigrate to Israel. After speakers fanned the emotions of their young audience with jingoistic rhetoric, they led their youth on a march past the Soviet embassy, where there was much mindless chanting of empty slogans.

As the schizophrenic Israeli state, with kibbutz and capitalism, pits the Soviet Union against the United States through its middle-eastern conflicts, the zionist elders in America teach their young the perversion of hatred and elitism before the home of the nation's warlord.

Across the street, on the White House sidewalk, I had been sitting for over a year. On June 3, l98l, I had begun a ten-day fast, without food or water, in an effort to call attention to the illegal actions of the United States government in preventing my own free emigration to Israel. The United States government ignored my action. Between June l98l and the summer of l982 I was arrested nine times as a direct result of exercising the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States: a total of ten arrests in connection with my efforts to emigrate to the "Holy Land," after my arrival in Washington, DC on March 20, l98l.

If there is sincerely such deep-felt concern for an individual's freedom of religion, movement, and self- determination, and such determined abhorrence of mindless bureaucratic organs of state which stifle personal freedom and individual excellence, I can't help but wonder why I am living on this sidewalk.

Before the USA condemns the USSR for preventing the emigration of committed idealists, I would like to suggest that the USA remove the beam from its own eye.

In l982 the spokesman for a group of tourists from a kibbutz in northern Galilee stated to me, "God is Money." This zionist concept is incorrect, although it accounts for a great deal of deceit, destruction, and death.

In fact, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Jesus and Islam, is love and peace, the progenitor of equality, truth, justice, and freedom.

The governments of this world are a many-headed beast which rises up from the sea of humanity. Each of its venomous heads of state proceeds from the same loathsome body. While the insane, egotistical heads snap viciously at one another, and the filthy body thrashes the very sea which gave it life, the money worshiping beast performs the will of Satan, and ravishes God's Earth.

Regarding my statement of June 3, l98l, my demand is consistent: Let my body go.