This fiscal year, according to available statistics, the United States government plans to waste 200 billion dollars on devilishly destructive devices.

Assuming that there are l00 million American taxpayers, this would mean that each individual taxpayer is generating an average of $2,000.00 worth of destructive energy this year alone.

Many people find it difficult to believe that they are not superior to others who speak a different language, have no access to the same technology, or are ruled by a different form of insanity. This is not true. In fact bulgarians, poles, cheks, slavs, and hungarians are no different from americans in that they desire the same stupid little gadgets and conveniences for their families that the americans want for their own.

An economically attractive alternative to this maniacal arms buildup would be for the U.S. government to refund $l,000.00 to each taxpayer, and with the remaining l00 billion dollars send the soviet bloc countries the machinery necessary to make their lives more comfortable.

Since the U.S. already has enough weapons to blow up the world a few (specifically, 40) times over, those cowards who haven't the courage to face life without weapons need not fear.

Giving to one's enemies might not be so foolish as it would first appear. After all, not even Bush or Weinberger would be crazy enough to nuke the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The only problem with this plan would be the difficulty of finding a government official HONEST enough to administer $l00 billion.

`Tis more blessed to give than to BURN!