The Soviet Union is a totalitarian regime. This means that each citizen has the inalienable right to vote for the tyrant of the Party's choice. Here in the U.S. every man is free to vote for Tweedle-dumb or for Tweedle-dee.

If Tweedle-dumb is elected, the national interests of the wealthy are served. When Tweedle-dee is in power, the interests of the national bureaucracy prosper. Tweedle-dumb spends his taxpayers' energy to purchase weapons with which to threaten or murder foreigners to assure access to the resources necessary to insure the national wealth. Ultimately, he will build a weapon capable of destroying foreigners, while leaving their resources intact. Tweedle-dee spends his taxpayers' energy to purchase computers, typewriters, reams of paper, and red tape in order to intimidate and control the national poor, in order to insure that the national middle-class enjoys economic "freedom." Ultimately he will build a system which imprisons or hospitalizes all the national poor, without destroying the lifestyles of jailers, hospital workers, policemen, judges, lawyers, bankers, bureaucrats, or priests.

In the Soviet Union the tyrant is forced to maintain his slaves' unwilling support through the expedient of martial might.

In the Tweedle-dum/Tweedle-dee set-up, the slaves' support is maintained by "freely" providing for their physical desires, while threatening to withhold the physical pleasures should the slave refuse to support the Tweedle-duo system.

While their methods are unquestionably different, the two systems share the identical ideology and technology. Their ideological basis is Equality, Justice, and Freedom. Techno- logically, deceptive propaganda machines are successfully used by the tyrant to convince his slaves that Equality, Justice, and Freedom mean "The State," while the Tweedle-twins' slaves are taught that the same ideals really mean "The Money."

Through the perversion of ideals the slaves are deceived into supporting their personal, domestic madness. Because the tyrant and the twins effectively isolate their slaves from the slaves of the other ... by means of the imaginary lines which they call national frontiers ... they both succeed at instilling in their own slaves a fear of the other's slaves. Therefore, all slaves chant, in two-part harmony: "Our system isn't perfect, but your system is rotten."

The decision facing the chanting masses seems to be: Will we sacrifice EVERYTHING for capitalism/communism? This, in Truth, is no decision at all.

The Ultimate Decision is: Will we remain ignorant supporters of our familiar form of oppression, and thereby destroy the Earth, or will we wake up, and admit that our rotten system is equal to your rotten system?