On l8 April l982, at his ll:00 am service, Dr. Jerry Falwell declared that abortion was America's greatest sin. He stated that the reason for abortion is that some women are more concerned with their own personal convenience than they are with the lives of tiny human beings.

The logic behind this argument is faultless. The only way to dispute Falwell's statements would be by twisting the meaning of his words.

At the same service, however, the controversial "Doctor of divinity" thanked God for a president who believed in peace through strength, because of the need to defend "freedom."

Many will wrest the meaning of words to their own destruction, for the purpose of convincing the gullible that evil is good. For there are those who find the promotion of evil desirable for the personal glory, prestige, and financial "success" which accrues from bilking the ignorant.

Should "freedom" be defined as "the ability of one to decide what one will be, or how one will live," the Falwell's statement would have absolutely no relation to reality, simply because if one refuses the responsibility of exercising one's individual freedom, then freedom is lost, and will not be found among the ashes of a thermo-nuclear-fried planet.

On the other hand, if "freedom" is defined as "the ability to amass money with a minimum of personal inconvenience, or the ability to enjoy a very pleasant lifestyle regardless of the inconvenience of others," then "peace" through the threat of mass murder and the defense of "freedom" through genocide begins to make some sense.

Jerry Falwell calls himself a man of God. However, when his "freedom" means the defense of convenience at the expense of human life, it can only be that the "God" to whom the "good Doctor" refers is the Devil.

That one may condemn women who are so selfish as to value their own convenience above the lives of "precious little feet," while espousing the convenience of America above the lives of any who would pose a potential threat to that convenience, clearly marks one as fattened on the leaven of pharisees.

Matthew 7:l9-23.


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