Assuming the love of money is the root of all evil, it becomes logically inescapable that the hatred of money is the root of all good.

Recognition of this truth deprives the countless hypocrites, masquerading as "christians," any rationalization by which they may seek to justify their participation in a world which they were clearly instructed not to be [part] of.

Money is indisputably a figment of "intelligent" imagination. It is imposed by the general acceptance of the world's population on the physical reality of God's Earth. Money is, and has been since its inception, the material cause of every problem which plagues the world, which has been created by the imagination of the world's population. The term "material cause" is used in order to preclude the idea that pieces of gold, silver, brass, paper, or whathaveyou, are in and of themselves the root of all evil. Spiritually the root of all evil is pride, ignorance,and greed. These three spiritual maladies lead individuals and groups to falsely believe their own superiority over other individuals or groups, thereby denying the concept of equality, and giving rise to the evils of elitism, fascism, nazism.

In the physical reality of the Earth ... that is, the hundred-odd elements which spin as a huge ball of mud through boundless space ... there is no basis for pride because all things are seen for what they are: elements; mud in various disguises. It is, of course, mindless for mud to have pride, as it is mindless to ignore equality, truth, justice, and freedom. Only ignorance permits mud to behave so mindlessly as to be proud. Ignorance of the mud's origin gives rise to mindless fear in those segments of the mud which have any question as to the Creator existing above the mud. Humanity is mud, as are baboons, blood-suckers, and snakes.

Since humanity, baboons, blood-suckers, and snakes are all mud in various forms, then the question must be answered: what is the difference between humanity and the other forms of life? The answer lies in the Life Force which animates the mud. The definitive characteristic of the spirit of humanity is the ability to distinguish between good and evil. As a direct result of this trait, humanity alone among the entire creation of mud is blessed, not only with the capability to create, but also with appreciation of ideals: truth, justice, freedom, equality, perfection, God. Therefore, if a pile of mud, regardless of whether or not it shaves or wears the latest Paris fashions, does not guide its actions on the concept that good is better than evil, then the mud is a baboon. If mud displays greater concern for its physical comfort than it does for truth, justice, freedom, or equality, then it is a blood-sucker. And when mud is more interested in itself than in God, perfection, or other mud, then it is a snake. A venomous, blood-sucking baboon is one, like Ronald Wilson Reagan, displaying all the slimy attributes listed above.

The fruits of the spirt of humanity are peace and love. The fruits of bestiality are hatred and war, which blossom from a value system placing greater worth on mud than on the Force which animates the mud, or which values mud above ideals, or God.

When mud becomes so self-centered as to lose sight of its origin ... the Earth ... it then falls under the impression that it is separate from the Earth, and therefore able to own the Earth, or at least some part of the Earth. This delusion of grandeur is common among those baboons who shave and seek to hide their nakedness, and is endemic among venomous blood-sucking baboons. In order to lend substance to their destructive delusions, these baboons invented money, thereby creating a world in which anyone without their beastly little marks would be unable to ply their ignorant game of buying and selling the Creator's mud to satisfy their greed and boost their pride. Both humanity and baboons need food and shelter. When baboons restrict access to food and shelter through playing satanic games of ownership and money, the restrictions they impose generate privation, fostering resentment, which erupts in war and crime.

The only way in which baboons or humanity can ever hope to find peace, love, and the wisdom of Heaven is by stifling the pride, eliminating the ignorance, and defeating the greed within themselves, in order that God's Creation may be freely shared.