The following is presented, not as "the Truth," but as one honest perspective of reality.

The Earth is a big ball of dirt hurtling through space. You might believe that the Earth was created by God, or you might believe the Earth is simply functioning according to the laws of physics. In either case, you will see that the Earth functions precisely as the governing principles intend. In that sense the Earth is perfect.

The Earth is composed of a finite number of elements. Those elements join in various combinations to form every thing in nature. Rocks, trees, elephants, even human beings are merely a combination of these elements. These elements are "REALITY," as we know it.

There is only one reality ("Truth"). Although each of us presently perceives reality from a different perspectve, there is a difference between a perspective of reality and reality.

To insure that words have some meaning, so logic has some basis, a distinction must be drawn between "the Earth" and "the world."

Unlike the Earth, "the world" is not "reality," nor is it perfect. Rather, it is merely a construct built upon the Earth, a product of the Earth's elements, combined with humanity's ideas, and its opposed-thumb ability to manipulate the elements.

According to this perception the ideas upon which humanity founds its world can be divided into three basic categories: technological, ideological, and mythological.

For example, technologically, someone gets the IDEA to build an automobile, or a light bulb, a nuclear arsenal or a trickle- down prison based system. Then people get together and manipulate the elements -- iron, hydrogen, rubber, plastic, etc - - to manifest the IDEA into reality.

Ideological ideas build institutions like governments, religions, legal and economic theories, etc.

Mythological ideas build fantasies like national boundaries, money, and ego-centric whimsies like ethnic, cultural or intellectual superiority, which often result in war.

Not all of humanity's ideas are logical, reasonable, sane, constructive or realistic.