Recently an obscure politician from a western province leapt to international stardom and shocked the world when he made an accurate statement: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is our problem." He said this, and then intensified the stupifaction of humanity by adding: "It is not my intention to do away with government. Rather, it is to make it work." Not many bothered to analyze the showman's words, but the few who did could not help but notice the obvious contradiction. Analogously what was being said was: "Death kills. I have no intention of doing away with death. Rather it is my intention to make it kill more efficiently."

Although the man who made this speech left Hollywood quite a few years ago, a careful consideration of what he was saying clearly shows that he either is a liar, or still living in Fantasyland.

Despite the fact that the rest of that particular address was totally devoid of any relation to reality, it was circulated around the globe, and caused innumerable reasoning creatures to ask themselves: "What can America be thinking of?" An apt question. While the Inaugural words sounded very beautiful and inspiring, when examined in the light of logic and the dictionary, they made absolutely no sense.

Freedom is a concept, and a very important one. So important that many people have been tricked into believing they were taking other lives for it. They were deceived. Freedom means the ability to make a decision. While it is something worth living for, it is not a thing which is won through killing. The polished entertainer in question frequently used the words "freedom" and "liberty," which had a very nice ring. However, the context in which each of those words was used clearly and continually indicated what the politician really meant to say was "money." Money is a thing which many people will readily kill for, but none wish to die for. Since it is much more dignified to die for "freedom," it is politically expedient for someone trying to convince others to kill or risk their lives for money to use the word "freedom" instead. It sounds much more civilized.

One of the more useful tricks in the deceiver's bag is flattery. Hedonistic cowards don't like to think of themselves as hedonistic cowards. When a deceiver tells them that they are heroes, the cowards will squirm with delight and readily digest any other crap that the deceiver hands them. The dictionary says that a hero is a great warrior, or one who has done something valorous and outstanding. When the producers and consumers of consumable goods are called "heroes," those selfish cowards may find it a great source of delight; but simultaneously it deprives the word "hero" of all meaning.

If "money" means "freedom" and "hero" means "coward," then "love" means "hate" and "God" means "devil."