JUSTICE, or Just Us, and LOGIC

The sole purpose of just law is to protect life. The hallmark of perverted law is the protection of property, customs, traditions, prejudices, and the status quo at the expense of life.

Justice has nothing to do with money, high-priced lawyers, black-robed judges, oak-paneled courtrooms, or fat, gold-stamped books full of Latin terms. Justice is the honest evaluation and discussion of a situation with the intent of best serving the interests of life.

"Justice is the greatest concern of Man on Earth. Where Her temple stands there exists the foundation of social security, happiness, and the progress of our Race." (Inscribed on the "Justice Department," Washington, D.C.)

Assuming that the first premise ... where the temple of Justice stands certain condition prevail ... is true, let us examine the conditions existing within the United States in an effort to logically determine whether Her temple stands here.

Social Security, as is common knowledge, is just about bankrupt. As for social security in the sense of feeling safe to walk the streets on a dark night, we would be giving the "Justice Department" the benefit of the doubt by consulting the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Between the years l967 and l976, these reports tell us, the number of serious crimes committed increased nearly 300% (from seven per minute to twenty per minute). Last year among Albuquerque's 300,000 or so residents, more than seventy were murdered. During the same period, London's l0,000,000 killed only 32 of their own. However, that in itself is not conclusive evidence that Justice's temple stands in Piccadilly Circus, either.

Is there happiness? Happiness doesn't mean shiny cars, heated swimming pools, and easy access to mary jane and johnny walker. It means peace of mind ... contentment with the environment. Sometimes people smile when they are not happy, and don't when they are. It would seem that the newspapers are constantly claiming widespread discontent within America, but newspapers don't always tell the truth. Better to check for oneself.

"The progress of our Race" is rather ambiguous ... the sort of thing which lawyers love to haggle over. If one defines "progress" as technological advancement regardless of the cost either to the Earth or to its life forms, and defines "our Race" as the white, "christian" population of the United States and the ruling classes of its allied nations, then one could reasonably argue that "our Race" has progressed. Just Us has made progress, at least in terms of our ability to destroy other "Races," including the human race and all other life.

On the other hand, should one define progress as the eradication of war, poverty, hunger, and oppression, it would be difficult to argue the case for progress.

Thomas -- 1981