Let's assume there is a GOD. And let's assume this GOD created humanity, and put it on Earth. Let's assume this GOD also allowed humanity the "free will" to choose what manner of world it preferred to live in, and the ability to create the world of its choice.

Now let's assume that there is a heaven, and a hell, and that the GOD we have assumed is a GOD of justice. Let's also assume, just for fun, that our GOD declared life and peace to be good, heavenly things, while death and war were evil, hellish things.

Let's further assume that all of humanity fell under a spell of egotism, and that each individual thought him or herself to be "good," even if they worked to promote death and war, which we have already assumed GOD had declared to be evil.

Let's assume that to "protect" the social structure which they imagined to be heaven, some members of humanity devised a device capable of turning the Earth into an inferno, while enhancing death and war. Because of the egotistical spell they were under, these "humans" were deluded into thinking that their demonically evil actions were "good." We can safely assume that, because of their exalted positions within the society they had created, these deluded individuals thought themselves to be "GOD" in "Heaven," and the Earth to be nothing more than fuel for their maniacal fires.

Logically we may conclude that such devilishly deluded individuals would consider it quite a surprise to find themselves to be among the Devil's lesser minnions, in a hell of their own creation, when all along they had considered themselves to be "GOD" in "Heaven."