I, William Thomas, a Stateless Person, have been living on the sidewalk at l600 Pennsylvania Avenue since June 3, l98l. This is not my home.

I am in this country against my will, a fact which this nation-state has not even attempted to justify or correct. The purpose of this vigil has been to demand the FREEDOM to leave this nation-state.

I hold this Truth to be self-evident: that this nation-state, solely by virtue of, but not limited to, its thermo-nuclear technology, is totally uncivilized, barbaric, incompassionate, genocidal, suicidal, and, personally speaking, morally unacceptable.

According to Ronald Wilson Reagan, nuclear weapons could mean "if not the annihilation of Humanity, at least the end of civilization as we know it." But, he is quick to remind the taxpayer, ya gotta have 'em to "guard against mindless bureau- cracy and secret police which stifle Free Enterprise and Indiv- idual Liberty."

Perhaps there are those who would criticize the president's performance over these past years, but I can personally testify that during that period the president, Mr. 666, has been l00% effective in ignoring both myself, and the equality, free enterprise, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and avoidance of nuclear HOLOCAUST for which I stand. I can also testify that, as a direct result of activities the sole purpose of which was to obtain my release from this nation-state, and to cry out against the ATHEISTIC insanity of NUCLEAR WEAPONRY, I can document 24 arrests since my arrival in D.C. on March 20, l98l.

Like Jonah, I find myself forced against my will to preach repentance to a nation which seems determined to ignore any criticism, and, in my humble opinion, to be beyond the pale of redemption.

My religion is to treat others as I would have them treat me. The government of this nation-state does not respect my religion. A group which would consider genocide or suicide as possible solutions to social problems is mentally unhealthy (read: insane, crazy, MAD). I refuse to be party to such a group.

Mr. 666, if you'd rather not have me acting like an ass in front of your dwelling place: SET MY BODY FREE from your rotten ideology.

William Thomas P.O. Box 272l7 Washington, DC 20038