The EAGLE and the BEAR

Once upon a time a mad eagle and an insane bear lived at odds in an enchanted forest. The bear ruled the ground like a monster, and subjugated the other creatures of the ground by satanic "miracles" which he could perform. The eagle ruled the sky, and oppressed the other inhabitants of the sky in the same beastly manner as the bear ruled the ground.

The eagle was fearful and jealous of the bear. In response the bear was fearful and jealous of the eagle. With his words the bear claimed to worship the Mother Earth, while the eagle professed homage to the Father Sky, but in reality, both beasts worshipped pride, greed, and flesh. Because of their different perspectives of the enchanted forest, they had no communication, and could reach no understanding.

Because of their misunderstanding, the mutual fear and animosity of the two monsters grew and grew. One day the eagle called fire from "heaven" onto the lair of the bear, and the bear conjured fire from the "earth" to the aerie of the eagle. The monsters and their offspring were consumed in the fire; their bones rotted and stank.

Though many inhabitants of the enchanted forest suffered, LIFE in the ENCHANTED FOREST went on without them.

Interpretation The EAGLE is the United States. The BEAR is the Soviet Union. The MIRACLES are the destructive application of technology.