Crazy people are those whose behavior does not correspond with the Norm. Traditionally, the behavior of prophets has never corresponded with the Norm. Therefore, prophets have nearly always been considered crazy by their contemporaries. As a rule, however, history nearly always considers the prophets to be sane, and the contemporaries to be crazy.

The "reason" by which the sanity of prophets has been questioned is the premise that the Norm considers itself to be both knowledgeable and wise. This is, history shows, a false premise. Unfortunately prophets have not proven very successful in convincing the Norm that it is neither knowledgeable nor wise.

Today a little knowledge and a total lack of wisdom have brought humanity to the brink of an abyss. Unless the Norm uses its free will to admit that the "wisdom" of its leaders is foolishness, and the "understanding" of its learned people is nonsense, humanity will topple into the bottomless pit.

There is a notable exception to the general failure of prophets: Jonah. Tradition has it that after Jonah was regurgitated by the whale, he succeeded in convincing the Ninevites that the "truth" of their religion was falsehood, and the "freedom" and "justice" of their government were slavery and injustice. Ninevah repented, and was spared.

In the United States, money is god. Americans feel that they need money to live. Both of these concepts are the height of ignorance and the perversion of truth. I once proved this over the course of six months by walking from Casablanca to Cairo without a penny.

We cannot worship God and money.

By your mistaken beliefs you destroy both your own lives and the life of the Earth.

Deliberate ignorance is sin.

Seek salvation.


Thomas - 1982