The Family of Man is on a pathway. The pathway runs from the animal kingdom to the kingdom of God. Each member of the Family is at a different stage along the evolutionary pathway. Some are very close to bestiality, others are nearing godhood, and the vast majority stand, in comparative silence, somewhere in between.

Through the eyes of God each member of the Family is equal, being seen only as a spirit at a given stage of growth. Through the eyes of men, who judge by outward appearances, there is no equality. Man sees only physical and intellectual inequality.

The difference between animals and men, and between men and God, are varying degrees of reason. That is, varying degrees of the ability to know good from evil. From the ability to know good from evil proceeds abstract thought, and all creativity.

All spirits entering this world, and particularly those near the top or the bottom of the evolutionary pathway, require moral direction. When the "morality" of a society is based on traditions and the gratification of physical desires, rather than on the sanctity of life, spirits entering such a society lack direction, and struggle with confusion.

Being taught ideologically the value of love, and being taught practically the force of violence, the spirit is nailed to a cross of contradiction. Those nearer the animal kingdom, commonly called "the dregs of society," are prone to violence, and thought to be criminal. Society has taught them violence. Those nearer godhood are prone to love, and thought to be crazy. Their greater reason has shown them love. The mass in the middle are prone to hypocrisy, and juggle their contradictions.

It is hereby suggested that the key to a healthy society is sound morality. The key to sound morality is the recognition of the equality of life, and the importance of life above mammon (worldly goods, money, pride, riches, wealth, material, matter, traditions).

Thomas, 1982