The similarities between the founding and aims of the USA and the state of Israel are striking. So it is easy to understand the sympathy with which the USA greets the atrocities of zionist Israel.

The United States has its roots in a small number of Europeans who fled persecution that resulted from beliefs which the emigrees held to be sacred. These European arrived in a land inhabited by individuals whom they immediately began to persecute for their religious beliefs. In their shortsighted arrogance, the Europeans judged the native americans' customs and culture to be greatly inferior to the customs and culture to which they themselves were accustomed. In order to raise the "Indians" to what they held to be a superior social structure, the Europeans destroyed their native customs and culture by supplanting native law with their own alien law.

When the "Indians" demonstrated continued resistance to European en- lightenment, the well-bred, civilized, intelligent European "christians" gleefully resorted to genocide and concentration camps as final solutions to help the "redskins" see the light of human greatness.

Zionism is to Judaism as nazism is to Christianity. Ironically, the zionist movement began impacting Palestine during the same period that nazism began sweeping central Europe. For nearly two thousand years Jews and Palestinian Arabs had lived side by side in peace. As more and more zionists fled religious and cultural persecution in Europe, they discovered more and more reasons for discriminating against the culture and religion indigenous to the land in which they sought refuge. The zionists, well versed in the black arts of dictating policy and controlling people, realized that he who makes the rules is king, director of society, and dictator of culture. History shows, without exception, that the unwise always seek to establish their "right" to make the rules through violence and coercion. The zionists have proven no historical exception. They employed violence and coercion not only against the Arabs whose land had been opened to them by the British; they also used terrorist tactics against the British.

Any arrogant group suffering the collective delusion of Master Racism needs another group of whom they can pretend to be master. It is indispensible to the elitist philosophy to have a race of inferior flunkies to push around, perform the menial tasks, and generally remind them of their own "superiority." Even elitist bullies are intelligent enough to realize that if there are too many flunkies, the flunkies will eventually reach a saturation point at which they will arise and knock the bullies back into reality.

The zionists saw the need to thin out the Palestinian population; which is just what they did. Today the zionists seem rather surprised and resentful that the Palestinians are still resisting their efforts to establish zionist pleasure, comfort, and racial supremacy through genocide, oppression, and disenfranchisement.

Why shouldn't Israel follow the example of the USA? Americans still have the upper hand after hundreds of years for stealing from the native population. Why assume the Israelis should be less successful thieves?

Time is not yet ended. Therefore, it should not be concluded that the USA has totally escaped Karma. We will simply have to wait until the mushroom cloud clears before we can judge for certain whether or not criminal genocide pays.