Politicians, lawyers, bankers, bureaucrats, and businessmen, well-groomed, elegantly attired, attended by women with artfully painted faces: what happiness and unversal joy there could be if only the world which you have created were as attractive as the artificial facades behind which you have hidden yourselves.

Having learned to judge by the outward appearance of things, those who guide societies and plot the course of nations have allowed themselves to be deluded into believing that clothes make the man or woman, and that clean cars and fragrant hair are of greater importance than the continued existence of the human race.

If this were not true, then the communications media would concern itself with solutions to the problems of starvation, disease, and homelessness ... circumstances which generate resentment and war ... instead of concerning itself with selling simonize and shampoo.

To maintain the illusion of beauty for the few, many must live a reality of ugly squalor. Because every action has an equal reaction, such inequity cannot endure forever.

It is better to smell like the earth and eat dumpster food in the parks, and make no contribution to the suffering in India, than to dine sumptiously in coat and tails while adding to the misery of little people in far-off places.

In order to lend moral credence to amoral, cosmetic existence, it becomes necessary to hire cosmologists who hypothesize theologies of a God who created a planet to be destroyed by the cupidity of humanity.

Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell exemplify cosmologists who disguise humanity's insanity as the "Will of God."