There was a cell in which 20 prisoners were confined. Each evening 20 sandwiches and 20 pints of water were placed in the cell by the Jailer. Now one of the prisoners, the Beast, was very large, and very gruesome, and he had a beastly weapon with which he threatened his fellow prisoners. The Beast had ribs of steel ... which no man could pierce ... and so, of each day's 20 sandwiches and 20 pints of water, the Beast took l/3, or 6.66 sandwiches and 6.66 pints of water, thus leaving each of the remaining prisoners an average of 0.702l052 sandwiches and 0.702l052 pints of water to fight over among themselves.

I say unto ye: All of the other prisoners hated the Beast (although some pretended admiration because of little favors the Beast could bestow when flattered). They hated the Beast because the Beast did not treat them as he himself would have liked to be treated.

Interpretation (Statistical Analysis) The cell is the Planet Earth. The 20 prisoners are the inhabitants of the Planet Earth -- approximately 4,000,000,000 souls. The 20 sandwiches and 20 pints of water are the resources of the Planet Earth.

The steel ribs of the Beast are industry and technology. The weapon of the Beast is nuclear fission. The Beast is the population of the United States of America, 200,000,000 souls, or l/20th of the total population of Souls on the Planet Earth.

The United States of America, its government, and its taxpayers consume l/3, or in this case 66.6, of the resources of the Planet Earth.

How Beastly.

The Jailer is God.

Thomas -- 1980