Babylon as a geo-political entity vanished from the face of the Earth hundreds of years before John penned the Book of Revelations. As a metaphor, Babylon has endured in the most technologically advanced of nations. (See Revelation Chapt. l8.)

The lies are as high as pie in the sky in Babylon:

"My fellow Babylonians, we love peace, we defend the weak, we seek equality and the dignity of humanity. We are heroic. We use space age technology to pulverize small Caribbean islands, North African desert nomads. We do this not because we believe might makes right, but because we believe that Jesus hates alien ideologies." (President of Babylon explaining the unjustifiable.)

"My fellow Babylonians, I have just signed legislation banning the Evil Empire forever. Soon I will push buttoms and begin the indiscriminate slaughter of scores of millions of the Empire's taxpayers." (666, President of Babylon.)

What good have we done if we only love those who love us? Don't the hypocrites do likewise? Rather (to be a Christian) we must love those that hate us, bless those who speak ignorantly of us. In so doing we become peacemakers, and children of the Creator. The Creator is Love.

The Creator is Justice. Thus the Creator can forgive only those who forgive.

Only through the promotion of harmony may we enter heaven. Sowing seeds of hatred and violence, being disharmonious, can result only in eternal chaos.

Faith is the capital of eternity. Faith invested in the power of the Creator's love pays the dividend of salvation. Faith invested in the power of violence against others results in death to oneself. As we do unto others it shall be done unto us. Cause and effect are the keystone of Creation:

Effect becomes cause, as the first becomes last. Eternal future rests on one's past. Leave the mote in your eye and live like a glutton, But don't be dismayed once your king's pushed the button. Please try to remember that justice is true: What you've done unto others will be done unto you. Serve Satan, serve Caesar, reap just one reward: To abide, their illogic brings death by the "sword." Silly "children of Abraham," sham "brothers of Christ" Pay lipspeak to truth while living out lies. Polluting what's real can't disguise what you did. Sure as there's light, your acts can't be hid.

If madmen or liars were there, heaven would be hell. Thomas May 20, l986