United States Department of the Interior


National Capital Region
1100 Ohio Drive, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20242

October 7, 2000

Dear Permittee:

Effective, Monday October 9, 2000, the National Park Service will have contractors pruning the trees in Lafayette Park. Additionally, the National Park Service has already begun rehabilitation of the walkways and brick replacement throughout the park.

Tree pruning and brick replacement are necessary to ensure the safety of employees, the public, and personal property. These affected park areas will be temporarily closed until pruning and brick replacement have been completed.

During the period for the tree work to be completed, permit holders earlier authorized to use specific areas within the park must be temporarily relocated to an alternate location. This alternate location is located just west of the Jackson Statue within the bricked walkway as depicted on the attached map. We anticipate this temporarily relocation should not last longer than approximately one-half day. Once the tree pruning is completed and the area is again open to the public, you will be notified by an official from the National Park Service that you may return to your permitted location.

Your assistance during this time period is greatly appreciated.

(signed Stan E. Lock)
Deputy Director, White House Liaison