United States Department of the Interior

National Capital Region
1100 Ohio Drive, S.W.
Washington, D C. 20242

In Reply Refer to:

Hand Delivered

Mr. William Thomas
Ms. Ellen Thomas
Ms. Concepcion Picciotto

Dear Mr. Thomas, Ms. Thomas and Ms. Picciotto:

Enclosed is the National Park Service's Notice, advising that all of Lafayette Park and the White House sidewalk located on Pennsylvanaia Avenue will be closed to the public from 6:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. August 7, 1999. These parks are closed to the public to provide for security and ensure public safety during the permitted demonstrations by the Knights of Freedom Nationalist Party [for the eastern portion of Lafayette Park] and the Shalom International [for the western portion of Lafayette Park] on August 7, 1999. The center portion of Lafayette Park will be closed to all for use as a security buffer zone and police staging area.

The organizer of the Shalom International, however, has informed the National Park Service that it has no objection if the three of you wish to continue your current demonstration activities within their permit area that is located within the western fenced portion of Lafayette Park. If you wish to avail yourselves of this opportunity, please move your personal property into the nearby western fenced portion of Lafayette Park no later than 6:00 a.m. August 7, 1999. Pursuant to this Notice, you must still remove yourselves from the closed park areas by 6:00 a.m. August 7, 1999. However, by presenting this letter to the United States Park Police, between noon and 3 p.m. you will be allowed back into the western fenced portion of Lafayette Park so that you may continue your activities in Shalom International's permit area.

Finally, if you do not wish to avail yourself of this opportunity, then please remove yourselves and any personal property from the closed park areas from 6:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. August 7, 1999. In that regard, you are free to demonstrate in other non-closed nearby areas such as the Ellipse.

The National Park Service appreciates the your cooperation in this matter.

/s/Stan E. Lock____
Deputy Director

Attachment: Notice to the Public

Chief, Division of Park Programs
Deputy Chief, Operations, United States Park Police

(Delivered by: Ranger Skip Miller)