Form NO. 10-344


Case/Incident number: United States Park Police
Location of Incident:
Lafayette Park
Date of incident:
Nature of Incident:
Complaintant's name:
Lieutenant J. Schamp
Complaintant's Address:
Commander, S.E.T.T./SFS

Results of Investigation

On 11-26-81, Thanksgiving Day, the National Park Service issued a permit to the Community for Creative Non=Violence to serve meals to the "street people" of Washington D.C.

During the hours of the permit, 1600 to 1800, approximately 150 persons were fed by the C.C.N.V.

The undersigned supervisor was in Lafayette Park during the meal service. At approximately 1640 hours I observed the removal of tents from a truck that was parked on H Street N.W. at 16th Street. The lettering on the truck read 'Arlington Truck Rental' and had a tag listing of RA781 (Va. 82). Six tents were erected in the grass area adjacent to the comfort station by 1715 hours. A total of nine (9) tents had been erected by 1800 hours. A sign was placed on the west-side of the tents which read "Reaganville."

Blankets and quilts were also unloaded from the above mentioned truck and distributed to several persons in the tent area.

From 1600 hours on 11-26-81 to 0600 hours on 11-27-81, S.E.T.T. personal monitored the activities in and around the tent site.

On 11-27-81, the undersigned met with D?C Lindsey and Asst. Chief Herring in Lafayette Park at 0600 hours. We surveyed the area and then met with the NPS Solicitors, Rick Robins and Dianne Kelly. Mr. Rick Daviga, Deputy Asst. Fish & Wildlife Service was also present.

With the assistance of the Central District wagon (2 officers) the S.E.T.T. personnel then responded from the rear of the White House to the H Street side of Lafayette Park. The tent area was surrounded by the officers and I read the following prepared violations:

"Attention: You are in violation of Park Service Regulations 36 Code of Federal Regulations 50.19 and 50.27, which prohibit camping in this area. The penalty for violation of these regulations is imprixonment for up to six months and or a fine up to $500. You are instructed that you must leave this area with your equipment within fifteen minutes or be subject to arrest. If you fail to leave the park within that time, you will also be subject to arrest under 22 D.C. Code Section 3102 for unlawful entry, which carries a penalty of up to six months imprisonment and/or a fine up to $100."

1st reading at 0653 hours
2nd reading at 0640 hours
3rd reading at 0645 hours

A two minute warning was made to 0648. At 0650 hours all persons who remained in the tent area were advised that they were under arrest.

Officer B.V. Lewis (Case # 52685) was the arresting officer at Lafayette Park. A total of 6 arrests, 4 males and 2 females, were made without incident.

During this same time, Sergeant Swerda and Officer P. Johnson read the same prepared statement to persons on the White House sidewalk at 1600 Pa. Avenue N.W. Refer to Case #53686 for complete details. A total of 3 arrests were made by Officer Johnson, 2 males and 1 female.

All subjects were transported to the Central District Station for booking and processing and were then transported to the MPD Central Cell Block.

Photos were taken by I.D. officers Watts, Shane, and Smith.

(signed) Lieut J. Schamp

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