Federal Register / Vol 46, No 219 / Friday, November 13, 1981/ Rules and Regulations

Temporary Structures and General Visitor Services

In connection with permitted demonstrations or special events, the construction of temporary structures has been allowed under 36 CFR 50.19(3)(8). The regulatory language makes it clear that the National Park Service allows all groups to erect and to use such structures to the same extent as those constructed in connection with government sponsored or co-sponsored events.

In administering this regulation, minor injury to the turf resulting from the construction of temporary structures will not result in permit denial or revocation.

Moreover, it has been the long standing policy of the National Park Service to make available to all groups, irrespective of their views or purpose in conducting their activity, a level of visitor services (e.g. security, sanitation facilities, water, etc.) commensurate with the size and nature of the activity scheduled.

Structures and Campsites

The regulations (36 CFR 50.19(3)(8)) permit structures to be used in the conduct of demonstrations and special events except on the White House Sidewalk. In administering this section, the National Park Service permits all groups to erect structures, props and displays of the same size, number, space, character and duration as structures used in connection with government sponsored or co-sponsored events.

Camping is prohibited in all park areas except those specially designated as official campsites (36 CFR 50.27). The National Park Service does permit the use of symbolic campsites reasonably related to First Amendment activities. However, camping primarily for living accommodation must be confined to designated campsites.

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