William Thomas,
           Plaintiff, pro se,

            v.                                   C.A. No.________________    
                                                 Judge  __________________

The United States, et. al.

I, Frank Wall 3rd, hereby state under penalty of perjury, that the following is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and recollection.

1. On November 4, 1996, at approximately 2 or 3 pm I was standing about twenty feet to the west of Concepcion Picciotto's and William Thomas' signs in Lafayette Park when I saw camera people come up to Thomas.

2. I saw a policeman, with a scar on his upper lip, who I have been told is named Lombardi, come up and say something pertaining to the legality of the camera crew.

3. I heard Thomas say something like that the camera people had a right to use the camera so long as it was on their shoulder.

4. I moved closer so that I could hear better what was going on, because Thomas wasn't speaking very loudly.

5. I heard the policeman ask Thomas whether he was a lawyer. I didn't hear Thomas' reply.

6. There was some short talk between Thomas and another policeman, which I couldn't hear much of except Thomas said something like, "Why don't you take a walk and let me do this interview?"

7. The policeman crossed his arms over his chest, and Thomas went on the grassy area north of the signs and did the interview.

8. The camera people left, and Thomas came around and sat between the two signs.

9. One of the officers walked over to Thomas, I could not clearly hear exactly what was said, but it appeared he was indicating some literature and said something to Thomas.

10. After five or ten minutes Thomas got on his bicycle and peddled up to go out of the park, and then peddled back to where I was standing and told me that he would bring me some literature the next day.

11. Thomas didn't hardly get it out of his mouth before the police officer was there. He didn't give Thomas a chance to leave the park before he grabbed a hold of Thomas, and spilled a cup of chocolate that Thomas was holding on my pants.

12. Thomas, who wasn't resisting, was handcuffed. I moved a couple of steps away from the incident when a Secret Service officer came up to me, like he was dealing with two criminals, and said, "Move, move, move away, Frank."

13. There was no need for that at Secret Service officer to say anything at all.


Frank Wall 3rd
2262 SFC 736
Forest City, Alabama

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