United States Department of the Interior

National Capital Area
1100 Ohio Drive, SW.
Washing ton, D.C. 20242

A7637(NCR-PPAE) November 13, 1997


Alisa A. Wilkins, Esq.
Gaffney and Schember
1666 Connecticut Avenue, NW., Suite 225
Washington, D.C. 20009

Dear Ms. Wilkins:

This letter is to acknowledge receipt of your November 4, 1997, certified letter transmitting a SF 95 with an attached statement in behalf of William Thomas.

Based upon the statement attached to the claim form, it appears that Mr. Thomas alleges that he was "intimidated" and improperly arrested on November 4, 1996, by U.S. Park Police Officer Lombardi in Lafayette Park. Based upon the numerous times that Mr. Thomas has been confronted for various violations and either verbally warned or arrested, how was his arrest on November 4, 1996, different?

The statement also indicates that Mr. Thomas was being interviewed by a television news team. The Park Police has not received a complaint from any television news team that an officer interfered with an interview. If known, please provide the identity, mailing address, and telephone number of the lady with the microphone, her station, or her organization.

As Mr. Thomas alleges that this incident resulted in his suffering "mental and emotional distress," copies should be submitted of all medical expenses incurred and a signed statement of treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis from his psychiatrist or other certified mental health care provider. Such report should include the specific changes noted in Mr. Thomas' "mental and emotional" condition that existed before his arrest on November 4, 1996.

As you are aware, the court's release of Mr. Thomas in of itself does not establish that his arrest was improper. A preliminary review of the Park Police reports indicate that your client was yelling and causing a disturbance in the park. He was warned and was subsequently arrested

Therefore, we request that you provide any additional information or evidence you believe is supportive that Mr. Thomas' arrest in this incident was not based probable cause. Also, a copy of your authority to represent Mr. Thomas in this matter should be included with the supporting documentation requested.

As you requested, enclosed is a copy of the SF 95 with our date stamp indicating the form was received on November 7, 1997.

If you have any questions, please call me at (202) 523-5067.


James C. Lindsey
Claims Specialist