William Thomas,
           Plaintiff, pro se,

            v.                                   C.A. No.________________    
                                                 Judge  __________________

The United States, et. al.

Declaration of Concepcion Picciotto
Re: November 4, 1996

I, Concepcion Picciotto, declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and recollection.

On November 4, 1996, I left my signs for a few minutes and Thomas was attending them.

On my return I noticed Thomas facing a TV camera talking into a microphone held by a woman. As I got closer Thomas was walking away from the camera and the news people were leaving, and Thomas sat down between our signs. A couple of police officers approached and told Thomas to take his stuff and get out of the Park.

I said, "Oh, no, Mr. Thomas works with me. He has been here since 1981." The officer said that they were my signs and not Thomas' .

I told him to look on the sign and he would see that Thomas' name was written on it.

He insisted that Thomas get out of the Park.

Thomas didn't say a word, but just read a newspaper.

One of the officers was talking on his walkie-talkie, something about preparing for an arrest.

I knew that Thomas had things he was planning to do, and asked him to leave the Park so he wouldn't get arrested.

Thomas said he wasn't doing anything wrong, and they had no reason to arrest him.

I kept encouraging him to leave, and after a few minutes, he got on his bicycle and rode away.

With a sarcastic smile the police officer said, "He had to leave. He had to leave."

"He only had some business to attend to." I said.

Mr. Thomas returned and was speaking to Frank. The police officer rushed toward Thomas, and knocked the cup of chocolate out of his hand.

Thomas was handcuffed, and driven away in a Park Police cruiser.

Concepcion Picciotto
November 5, 1996

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