Sunrise Spiritual Harmony and William Thomas
1440 N Street, N.W., Apt. 410
Washington, D.C. 20005

Honorable Louis F. Oberdorfer
U.S. District Court
400 John Marshall Place
Washington, D.C. 20001

March 27, 1989

Dear Sir:

Peace, peace on earth, good will to all living creatures.

It can honestly be said that we have not tried so much to win points as we have tried to attain understanding. Your patience illustrates that you are a decent man, with concern for the same principles which motivate us, and that the only difficulties dividing us are differing perceptions of one reality.

Admittedly, there have been times when we've thought that this legal marathon has been little more than a pointless clanging of words, one against another. The ideas which, in the perception of the writers, are Supreme, seem lost, from your perception, in an incoherent din of clanging words. I.e., "living accommodations," "living WITHOUT accommodations."

Experience seems to show -- and may explain our major hurdle in achieving understanding -- that what one may think sharply written may be perceived as dull in anothers' reading.

Thomas v. News World Communications, the writer's thought, drew a sharp contrast between "peace through understanding" and "peace through strength." In your Opinion dismissing News World (68l F.Supp. 55-74 (1988)) you did not explain why "peace through strength" was preferable to "peace through reason." We still choose to assume that our inartful writing skills account for the fact that what we perceive as a striking ideological difference remains, it seems from your Opinion, not worthy of comment.

Then we thought that Sunrise's Objection to the Presentence Report in Cr. 88-235 made a pointed distinction between "world peace" and "peace on earth." Your reaction to that document makes it seem our "point" was blunt, but we do not perceive that your Opinion articulates any reason to blunt our point.

Perhaps the enclosed advertisement from Friday's Washington Post may bring us closer to understanding.

You will note that, in addition to the words "God," "freedom," "liberty," "human rights," etc., Mr. Moon also speaks of "world peace." All these words have a very nice clang to them, but, in our glossary "world peace" is defined as "order" imposed on the individual from the outside, and is synonymus with "police state,"or, as defined in Sunrise's Objection, "hell."

We believe "Peace on Earth" must originate within the individual and is only realized when all individuals radiate it.

Thus, "Peace through Strength" is to "world peace" as "Peace through Understanding" is to "Peace on Earth."

In the writers' perception the practical application of the "Peace through Strength" ideology was observed at a rally held in Lafayette Park to commemorate the downing of Korean Airlines flight 007, when Mr. Bo Hi Pak, chairman of News World Communications, Inc., and Mr. Moon's co-defendant in Thomas v. News World Communications, led a chant of "Kill Communists." Killing any "ists" exemplifies the "world peace" tactic of imposing "order" through violence from without.

Although Mr. Moon's advertisement, repeatedly mentions "God," the idea of killing makes it evident that "God" has an entirely different meaning to Mr. Moon, his writers, and these writers.

Unless we are mistaken both the words "ideology," "religion," and "propaganda" were all words which appeared more than once in Thomas v. News World Communications.

May God guide us all in wisdom,