Constance L. Dupre, Clerk
United States Court of Appeals
District of Columbia Circuit
Washington, DC 20001-2866

Re: HUDDLE, et al. V. REAGAN, et al.
CA No. 88-03130

October 18, 1991

Dear Ms. Dupre,

I am writing to request appointment of counsel in the Case Huddle v. Reagan which was just recently filed in your court. Although my request is being made a few days after the 15-day filing deadline, I would ask the court to honor my request as I did not receive the relevant paperwork until today. I am living in Missoula, Montana now and obviously the court did not have my current address so it took quite a while for the papers to reach me.

Please keep me informed of my legal obligations regarding this case by sending paperwork to:

Mary Huddle
804 W. Pine St.
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 549-0859

Also, the Court may feel free to contact me with any questions they might have BY TELEPHONE, that we might expediate this process. The Court please be reminded that although I am now many miles from Washington, DC, my compelling interest in this case has not diminished and I will continue to seek a just resolution to these grievances within my lifetime.


/s/Mary E. Huddle
Mary Mary Elizabeth Huddle