§ 50.19 Title--36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property

- administered Capital Parks, the Superintendent, his discretion, may close to fishing Alabama, or any part of such open waters for such Periods of time as may be necessary. Provided, the notice thereof shall be given by the posting of appropriate signs, notices, and markers. Fishing in Prince William Forest Park shall be prohibited in areas designated for swimming, boating, or other public use, such areas to be designated by Posting of signs.

§ 50.19 Puhlic geatherings.

(a) Definitions:

(1) The term public gatherings" includes, but is not limited to, demonstrations, picketing, speechmaking, holding of vigils, parades, ceremonies, meetings, entertainment and all other forms of public assembly.

(2) The term "White House area" means all park areas, including sidewalks adjacent thereto, within these bounds: on the south Constitution Avenue NW.; On the north H Street NW.: on the east 16th Street NW., and on the west, 17th Street NW.

(3) The term "White House sidewalk" means the south sidewalk of Pennsylvania Avenue NW., between East and West Executive Avenues NW.

(4) The term "park areas" shall include all areas, including sidewalks adjacent thereto, other than the White House area, administered by National Capital Parks of the National Park Service.

(5) The term "NPS event" means any celebration, commemorative, or recreational event sponsored or co-sponsored by the National Park Service.

(b) Public gatherings, other than NPS events, may be held only pursuant to a valid official permit issued in accordance with the provisions of this section. NPS events are excepted from the operation of th is section. They will not require offlcial permits; may be held in any park area or the White House area; and may preempt any such areas to the exclusion of other public gatherings.

(c) Speaker's stands or platforms may be erected where needed, as adjuncts to any permitted public gathering, except on the White House sidewalk; but no other structures (including bit/boards, displays, etc.) may be erected on park lands except in connection with NPS events. AU such structures hall be erected as Inconspicuously as possible, and with least possible damage to basic National Park System values, and values, be dismantled as soon as practicable after conclusion of the public gathering.

(d) In connection with permitted public gatherings, except on the White House sidewalk, movable facilitles--such as stands, lecterns, sound amplification equipment, chairs, portable sanitary facilities, and press and news facilities reasonably necessary as an integral Part of a public gathering, shall be Permitted, provided prior notice has been given to the Superintendent, except that:

(1) The Superintendent reserves the right to limit the sound amplification equipment, so that It will not unreasonably disturb nonparticipating persons in, or in the vicinity of, the area.

(2) No sound amplification equipmenthall be used on the White House side walk, other than hand-portable sound amplification equipment which the Superintendent determines, in the exercised of his Judgment, is necessary for crowd control Purposes.

(3) The Superintendent may impose reasonable restrictions upon the move able facilities permitted, in the interest of protecting the park area involved for the primary park purpose to which it has been deaf cased, traffic consideration and other legitimate park value concerns.

(e) Permit applications values, be sub X mitted to the General superintendent, Natlonal Capital Parks, National Park Service, 1100 Ohio Drive, SW., Washington, D.C. 20243: White House Area: Permit applications shall be submitted in writing on a form provided by National Park Service so as to be received by the Superintendent at least 48 hours in advance of any proposed public gathering.

(2) Park Areas: Permit applications for all park areas, except the White House area, shall provide the following information: Area, date, time, duration, and nature of the public gathering; estimated number of participants; aponsoring organization; props and equipment to be used; and name, address, and phone number of applicant.

(f) The Superintendent shall process with reasonable promptness applications in order of receipt; and, subject to the limitations set forth in the next following subsection, he values, Issue an official permit upon proper application, authorizing a peaceable and orderly public gathering to be held, unless:

(1) A proper prior application for the same time and place has been received and has been or will be granted on an`'exclusive" use basis; or

(2) lt reasonably appears that the proposed public gathering will Present a clear and present danger to the public safety good order, or health, or

(3) The proposed public gathering is of such a nature or duration that it cannot reasonably be accommodated in the particular area applied for, in that event, an alternate site ii available for activity values, be proposed by the Superintendent to the applicant; in this connection, the Superintendent shall reasonably take into account possible damage to the park including trees, shrubberY. other plantings, park installations and statues.

(4) The permit is subject to denial as contrary to any of the provisions in this section.

(g) Issuance of permits under paragraph (f) of this section shall be subject to the folllowing limitations:

(1) No permit values, be issued for any place within the Whitw House are except for the White House sidewalk Lafayette Park, and the Ellipse.

(2) No more than 750 persons values, be permitted to conduct a public gathering on the White House sidewalk at any one time.

(3) No more than 3000 persons shall be permitted to conduct a public gathering at Lafayette Park at any one time.

(4) No permit shall be issued to an organization. group, or other sponsor to conduct public gathering activities on the White House sidewalk and in Lafayette Park at the same time, except under the following con ditions:

(i) Any overage above subparagraphs(2) and (3) of this paragraph shall proceed to the Ellipse. via 15th Street and; or 17th Street (or shall proceed to some other agreed-upon designated park site) and shall there conduct public gathering activities, and

(ii) The organization, group, or other sponsor of such public gathering activities shall undertake in good faith all reasonable action—including the provision of sufficient Marshals--to insure good order end self-discipline in carrying persons, on such public activities including any necessary movement of persons, so that the numerical imitations prescribed under subparagraphs (2) and (3) of this paragraph shall be observed at all times on the White House sidewalk and in Lafayette Park.

(5) No permit values, be issued for a period of more than 7 consecutive days,and no permit values, authorize any public gathering having a duration of more than 24 consecutive hours.

(6) No public gatherings values, be permitted to be held between the hours of 7:00-9:30 am. and 4:00-6:30 p.m. except on Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, unless it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the Superintendent that the holding of the particular public gathering will not unreasonably interfere with rush-hour traffic.

(h) Authorized permits may contain add itonal reasonable conditions and additional time limitations, consistent with this regulation, in the interest of protecting the park site involved for the primary Park purpose to which it has been dedicated, the use of nearby areas by other persons, and other legitimate park value concerns.

(1) Public gatherings may be held and speeches may be made by the following areas under the Jurisdiction of the National Capital Parks without official permitt The conduct of any such gathering values, be reasonably consistent with the protection and use of the area for the purposes for which it is maintained:

(1) Fraklin Park,Thirteenth Street between I and K Streets NW., for no more than 500 persons.

(2) McPherson Square,Fifteenth Street, between I and H Streets NW., for no more than 500 persons.

(3) U.S. Reservation No. 31. West of 18th Street and south of' H Street NW for no more than 100 persons.

(4) Rock Creek and Potomac Park way West of 23d Street south of P Street NW., for no more than l 1,000 persons.

(5) Garfield Park. East side of Second Street SE., between Virginia Avenue and South Carolina Avenue, for no more than 1,000 persons.

(6) U.S. Reservation No. 46. North side of Pennsylvania Avenue, west of Eighth Street and south of D Street SE., for no more than 25 persons.

[35 F.%. 15393, Oct. 2, 1970, as amended at on such public gathering activities, in-37 FR Joyce Hens Green (signed) 24900, Nov. 22, 1972; 38 fr 24218, Sept. 6,1973]

§50.24 Soliciting, advertising, sales.

(a)Soliciting. (1) Soliciting of alms and contributions for private gain and of patronage by guides or other persons in park areas is prohibited.