Conditions of Probation

To William Thomas Docket No. 84-417

Address: 1440 N St., N.W., #10, Wash., D.C.

In accordance With authority conferred by the United States Probation Law, you have been placed on probation this date, January 25, 1985 for a period of one year by the Hon. Louis F. Oberdorfer United States District Judge, sitting in and for this District Court at Washington, D.C.


It is the order of the Court that you shall comply with the following conditions of probation:

( 1 ) You shall refrain from violation of any law (federal, state, and local). You shall get in touch immediately with your probation officer if arrested or questioned by a law-enforcement officer.

(2) You shall associate only with law-abiding persons and maintain reasonable hours.

(3) You shall work regularly at a lawful occupation and support your legal dependents, if any, to the best of your ability. When out of work you shall notify your probation officer at once. You shall consult him prior to job changes.

(4) You shall not leave the judicial district without permission of the probation officer.

(5) You shall notify your probation officer immediately of any change in your place of residence.

(6) You shall follow the probation officer's instructions.

(7) You shall report to the probation officer as directed.

(8) You shall not possess a firearm (handgun or rifle) for any reason.

The special conditions ordered by the Court are as follows:

Imposition of sentence suspended, one year probation, Fine of $75 on each count.

I understand that the Court may change the conditions of probation, reduce or extend the period of probation, and at any time during the probation period or within the maximum probation period of 5 years permitted by law, may issue a warrant and revoke probation for a violation occurring during the probation period.

I have read or had read to me the above conditions of probation. I fully understand them and I will abide by them.

( Signed ) /s/W. Thomas 1/25/85

You will report as follows: Probationer Date

As directed by your Probation Officer Thyra Benoit
/s/Thyra R. J. Benoit 1/5/85
U. S. Probation Officer Date

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