Case No. 20382 Investigator : D. Haynes Offense: Camping Locaaation: South Side Lafayette Park

items listed below were collected and identified by Off. C. Smallwood, photographs for further identification were taken by ID Tech. Shane. All items were loaded onto Park Service stake body trucks and taken to Brentwood T & E Items were inventoried starting from the western sedction of the park and proceeding towards the center of the park.

Evidence Receipt
Item# Quantity Description of Evidence
Serial #, Model, Identifying Marks, etc.
1 1 4' x 8' green plywood sign behind which was stored 11 - short 2" x 4"s, 2 - 1" x 4"s, various narrow pieces of plywood
2 1 white 4'x4' Norman Mayer sign supported by metal stand
3 1 4'x8' nucelar war photo board propped up by saw horse
4 1 3'x2' yellow on red Abortion sign (pressed wood)
5 1 2'x2' cardboard shelters sign
6 1 pressed wood abortion sign
7 1 2'x3' yellow on red pro-life abortion league sign
Items below were center of walk, inventory proceeded west to east
8 unused number
9 1 4'x8' plywood Norman Mayer sign supported by metal stancion
10 1 8'x8' plywood on 2'x4' frame and stand (hypocrisy sign) behind which was stored a box of books and maps, a boxx of wires, electrical cords, and paint cleaners. a box of trash, a plastic rug runner, 2 brooms, snow shovel, 2 collapsible carts, blue construction helmet, and several angle irons.
11 1 Norman Mayer sign on top of a metal display case, 2 cardboard nuclear signs, life ring sign,4'x8' plastic desk floor protectors
12 1 8'x8' plywood wisdom sign on 2"x4" frame and stand behind which was stored: a milk crate of books and papers, a milk crate of shoes, blue blanket, water thermos, paper, police type raincoat, hood and pants,rain boots, a Ginn's bog containing various articles of clothing, a box containing sewing implements and construction tools, 'a red coat, a milk crate containing magic markers, peanuts, seasoning, a milk crate of books and papers, a broom, box of books ,three umbrellas and a one dollar bill loose on the ground
13 1 4'x8' scull sign, one brown coat
14 1 15'x8' metal sheeting on pressed wood sign supported by 2"x4" framing and support (God is Absolute) behind which were stored a hammer, saw, ladder, paint cans, nails, shovel, various assorted pieces of lumber and cardboard; from along the N/S central sidewalk were taken approx. 14 various cardboard signs
15 1 10'x6' Revelation sign with a 3'x6 1/2' anti-bomb ssign attached, sign has sheet metal backing
16 1 green and black sleeping bag, also with fiberboard ussed as a mattress
17 1 several bags of clothing aand loose personal effects ie food stuffs and toilet paper
18 1 rolled brown rug 5'x7'
19 1 Harmony guitaar
20 1 fiberboard box 18"x18"x36" containing various clothing papers and personal effects
21 1 2 drawer brown metal file cabinet containing the following items: books, papers and old electrical wire; books in the cabinet were U.S. Code of Federal Regulations title 45, 49, and 42
21 1 4'x2' storage box containing the following items: broken guitar, green nylon back pack GE am/fm portable radio, several clothing articles and blankets, contained in the backpack were several containers of presrciption drugs in the name of Neal Hallihen from the National Health Plan Inc. 1707 7th St. N.W. tlephone 483-1459 prescribed by Dr. Greene
22 3 7'x4' signs (sheet metal)
23 1 7 1/2'x4'by30" storage box on rollers (containing)
24 1 Guitar in case
25 1 Set of Sanyo speakers
26 1 Radio Shack amplifier>
27 1 Remmington Rand typewriter
28 1 Chinon (35 mm camera) broken lens cover
29 1 plastic bucket with hand tools inside
30 8 one (1) gallons of paint (opened)
31 4 cardboard boxes containing assorted paperwork
32 1 Realistic am/fm cassette recorder (condition poor)
33 2 Leather attache's containg paperwork and cassette tapes
34 1 Large saw
35 1 Plastic 5 gallon can containing tools, nails, hammer and extension cord
36 1 realistic cassette recorder
37 ---- several items of clothing, tennis shoes
38 1 Sanyo poprtable cassette am/fm
39 1 Found behindd 7' sign on the grass area U.S. Army duffle bag containing clothes and other personal effects used for camping and cover while sleeping
40 1 Brown plain coat
41 1 blue blanket type garment
42 1 blue and red type blanket
43 1 brown carpet used as sheet to lay on
44 1 towel
45 1 gallon of white liquid
46 ---- bread
47 1 pair brown sweat pants
48 1 paint roller
49 1 paint brush
50 1 4 gallon paint bucket
51 1 pair jump boots
52 1 3 1/2 gallon wood adhesive
53 --- several pieces of wod of lumber
54 1 brown blanket
55 1 blue blanket
56 1 green poncho
57 1 pair blue/red and yellow thermo
58 1 Sears female bicycle (blue) 26" serial # 369-0261
59 1 Chess set "Stanton"
60 2 seat pads brown with white trim
61 1 2'x8' sheet metal sign "Free Philosphical Forum"
62 1 table made of steel

Person from whom evidence was obtained: W. Thomas Vigil
Owner: unknown
Recovered or received by D. Hoynes Time 0600 Date 6-6-84
Location: South side of Lafayette Park Defendant Thomas, Picciotto
Remarks: All properties except those underlined have been Released to William Thomas. /s/MAC 6/8/84--

Note attached: MAC - 6/13/84
All articles that were to be retained are in your cage, except the press board, that is inthe Bay next to 26, with the case # 20382-84 written on it.

one Chinon [35 mm camera] broken(AC Thomas) lens cover was missing upon checking the property which was received at P & E. (Item # 28) page 4, Wm. Thomas is aware of this. -- end 6 pages.

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