511 E Street, N.W.

STEPHEN G.MILLIKEN Telephone Karen M. SCHNEIDER December 6,1984 AREA CODE 202 GRETA C. VAN SUSTEREN 393-7676

Team I Assistant U.S. Attorney
Superior Courthouse
500 Indiana Avenue, N.W
. Washington, D.C. 20001

Re: United States v. David E. Harley Criminal No. M11721-84

Dear Concerned Team I AUSA:

I write in representation of Ms. Ellen B. Thomas the owner of the camera which is the subject of the theft charge against Mr. Harley. Please preserve the camera for return to Ms. Thomas the day it ceases to be of evidentiary value in connection with the above-entitled prosecution.

Legal responsibility notwithstanding, the greater fault regarding the separation of Ms. Thomas from her property is respectfully submitted to lie with the Park Police, particularly Officer Haynes, and not Mr. Harley.

In any event, it has been reported to me that pressure has been brought to bear upon Ms. Thomas to testify in the prosecution against Mr. Harley on pain of refusal to return the camera.

Please take notice that the camera belongs to Ellen Thomas, and request is hereby lodged for its safekeeping and prompt return upon resolution of Criminal No. 11721-84 which Ms. Thomas urges be by swift dismissal.


Stephen . Milliken

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