June 20, 1984, Note Handwritten,

To: Paul

From: David

Re: William Thomas

I spoke with George Washington Park Service gardener, this morning.

He stated that he was present on June 6 when the arrests were made in Lafayette Park.

He Said that officer Haynes had asked him to accompany him to witness that some people were lying down in the Park. Mr. Washington said that they were lying down and started to sit up as he and Haynes approached the people.

Washington saw two arrests and then left after " 5 or 6 minutes" He described the people as "hardheaded" and heard one say "I ain't your army." He saw Haynes put handcuffs on two of the people, and he said something about someone trying to walk away. According to Washington, there were "4 or 5 officers present, some of them White House Police. He saw no physical struggle or violence or anything of that sort. At two arrests he left.

Washington said that he went to the Park Police and spoke to 3 plainclothes officers. He said they asked him "what happened" and he told them. They gave him something to sign and he did. He hasn't tslked to anyone since.

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