Watt/Clark v. CCNV

THE COURT: Suppose some poor unfortunate person doesn't have any place to stay and he just happens to be down in the area of 17th and Pennsylvania Avenue and he is just plain fatigued. Do you mean to tell me that even though he may be one of those who asserted and protested that he decides he wants to streach out on the park bench there' and go to sleep, he couldn't do it?
THE GOVERNMENT: As to that particular individual, your Honor, we are obviously beyond the question of the application of the First Amendment or not, and we are obviously not in the question of camping or not.
I am not sure what determination is made if someone lays down to sleep on a park bench. It is my understanding that sleeping in the park is not permitted, but that is really not the issue here.
What is at issue here is camping in the park and conducting what would be typical camping activities in Lafayette Park.

CA No. 81-2844
11/24/81 Transcript
11/25/81 Transcript

Appeal - US APP Nos. 82-2445, 82-2411 3/9/83 Appeals Court Opinion 3/9/83 Federal Reporter 703 F2.d 586

Supreme Court - SCT No. 82-1998
6/29/84 Syllabus
6/29/84 Supreme Court Opinion
6/29/84 Dissenting Opinion
6/29/84 Concurring Opinion

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