Ka She Rah

Ka She Rah:

I work with the stone people. They are powerful relations, holding the energies of our ancestors in their arms. For ages they have been here on the Earth Mother, vibrating their knowledge, accepting the Light that comes from the Star Fathers. Just as humans live in tribes and family, so do they. I must say here that in my medicine, I have never found a stone inanimate in the sense that they have no movement, or life. I keep many places in my lodge for the stone people, use them in my healing prayers, in ceremony, and as helpers in seeing into situations. I find that when we accept their vibrations, which I find relaxing and soothing as they are generally lower and deeper, we begin to form musical chords that hold far more energy together than as independent channels alone.

I believe that all our relations draw and give energy in the dimensional power that they exist within. Stones are not humans, and plants are not animals. We all find our particular expression in each incarnation, and that expression determines our form. But just as a four legged, like a dog or a housecat, can feel our emotions, and respond to them, or even project their emotions and energies to us, all nature responds to one another. We are connected.

I am blessed to be with such a wonderful group of dedicated people.

I continue to pray for peace, because I know it is possible through the Spirit.

I believe that everyone should pray. We are in critical times. Soon the manifestation through the holy spirit will call home the children of light. Grandfather show us our way home. We are blessed. Please stay on the path.

I meditate, enjoy quiet, instrumental jazz or classical music; flowers, trees, being outdoors; art and am an activist for the homeless, disabled and neglegted.

Studied law out of necessity for the past 8 years; to no avail. I never got a hearing on any level of our judicial system for the civil case. On the criminal case, I received six months in federal prison for "camping" while protesting illigal Forest Service actions on my mining claims in Arkansas.

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