1. Don't 'dis' Dennis;
2. Idealism separates Kucinich from other 2004 candidates

Letters to the Editor by Ellen Thomas

Don't 'dis Dennis'

Washington Times Letter to the Editor
September 17, 2003

In response to Monday's Op-Ed, "Who's in Dean's way?": Stop "dissin' " Dennis Kucinich, Carol Moseley-Braun and Al Sharpton.

It particularly offends me that your paper and others consistently deride Mr. Kucinich as unelectable. He's been elected to the House of Representatives four times. When I hear various candidates' forums on C-SPAN, Mr. Kucinich often receives the largest applause. He has a huge grass-roots following. People who meet him recognize that Mr. Kucinich is fearless in what he says, speaks from the heart and mind, and is a visionary whose ideas could lead us to a safer, saner, fairer future.

Some papers ignore or scoff instead of publishing the man's words. That's a real shame, because our country is in a shambles, and we need truly good people with visionary ideas in the presidency if Americans, and humanity, wish to survive.

Please stop putting negative thoughts into people's minds and allow us to judge for ourselves which candidate we want as president. These people all deserve equal time and respect. Please publish their positions on various subjects, verbatim.



Idealism separates Kucinich from other 2004 candidates

November 04, 2003 Daily Tarheel (NC)


I'm so tired of articles that imply Dennis Kucinich can't win the presidential election. He's won four congressional terms so far, and receives the greatest applause at the presidential debates. He has enormous energy, wonderful ideas and many friends.

If those who like him just pitch in and help, say why you like him, and don't be afraid to say he can and should win, then we Americans will choose the "underdog" and start healing our country and our world. We always did like underdogs, right?

Don't be afraid of idealism. It's the only thread holding us together.

Ellen Thomas

Washington, D.C