Whose Streets? Our streets!

by CWC Agent Sharon Needles 8:14pm Sat Mar 22 '03
DC IndyMedia

Account of 3/22/03 protest, from 12:00 to ~5:00

Arrived @ Lafayette Park's eastern edge at approx. 12:00 noon today. The rest is as follows:

The entrance to the park was blocked off by a sole police officer, who said that the park was closed due to the fact that more than 25 people had gathered, and park authorities were given the option to close it down. The way in was blocked with the long metal rack barriers. After protestors inside marched towards the gate, we motivated the external protestors to kick in the fencing and press inwards. The police offered no resistance at this point.

Many thanks to fellow black bloc'ers and others who had the umph to ignore the police and proceed.

30-40 minutes after being inside the park, we began to notice more protestors coming down the street, seeking to enter via the same route we had. Of course, the police had blocked the way, and we marched back in attempt to open the gate once more. Big surprise, this time there were armored thugs there with the intent of preventing any more 'mergings.' I myself had a hand in trying to wrench the gate open, whereupon one normal uniform and two riot-police descended on me, and I had the hilarious fortune of ripping one riot-clone's wrist-guard off (to my own surprise).

We were unable to open the entrance, and by this time horse cavalry had arrived- so we decided to play it safe inside until further group mobility could be achieved. Before too long, a spontaneous occurred and protestors move southwards and filled the streets. Much harassment by riot gear and motorcycle cops, many of whom were ramming into the backs of the average people, including obviously non-violent demonstrators who didn't realize the motorcycle was behind them. Outrageous!

The protest swarmed through the streets towards the north east, and bending westwards around towards Adams Morgan. On 18th and California, from what I heard- a Legal Observer was pulled from her bike and arrested by the pigs- we attempted to release her, but were beaten back tooth and nail...

The protest wound up back at Lafayette park, where it was joined by another sizeable march coming from the west-

That's about it!

And remember everyone, don't rock the vote! Vote with the rock!

In solidarity and courage,
CrimethInc. Worker Sharon Needles