Declaraton by Rudy Stolfer, vigiler
Sunday, March 1, 1999

On 1 March 1999, about 3:00 pm, I, Rudy Stolfer, was relieving Concepcion for a short break. As Concepcion was about to walk away from her Vigil site, a motorcycle officer Christiansen[?] hollered at her, from the middle of Pennsylvania Ave., that she was only permitted to have two signs, making reference to a small (12 in x15 in) sign that she sometimes holds for photos that people take as they visit her Vigil site. She promptly removed the sign and continued on her way to take a break.

As a Vigiler, I am aware of some of the rules that are enforced in the White House, Lafayette Park vicinity, including the "zone" directly in front of the White House, between the light-poles. I have witnessed many people arrested for "stationary demonstrations" in this area. The officer shortly after this incident took his helmet off and placed it in his motorcycle, then entered a car with another officer and drove about 50 feet from the motorcycle and parked in the center of the street. For the next two hours the motorcycle sat, unattended right in the center of the "zone".

I feel this is a obvious abuse of power, that seems to apply only to certain officers, in their so-called performance of their duties. Being in showcase area, where people from all over the world stop for a brief view. I find the officers lack of tact and manners an act that demeans not only themselves but the entire American prople. Who's watching the watchers?

Isaiah 65: 17-25