Lafayette Park, Washington, DC
Friday, January 2, 1998 from 11AM to 1 PM

The massacre of 45 unarmed indigenous people in Acteal Chenalho" Chiapas, Mexico on December 23, 1997 was, according to Bishop Samuel Ruis, a "Crime Against Humanity," and he asked that" this mournful Christmas be a day of anguished hope... a day of solidarity with the indigenous peoples in Chiapas and all Mexico

A vigil, in mourning for the 45 indigenous murdered in cold blood and for the other 25 wounded by right-wing paramilitary agents using AK-47 and machetes. We vigil not only for their deaths and suffering but in indignation that this kind of slaughter of Indians in Chiapas and other states continues with impunity.

A protest for the complicity of the United states with this crime through its unconditioned support of the Zelinas' government through both the NAFTA agreement and CIA and Pentagon support Of the Mexican Army which provides support to these paramilitary units and for the refusal of the Mexican government to admit the links between the PRI leadership in Acteal and the national PRI party.

Speakers: Rev. Leonel Cruz, Wanla Katz-Fishman, Rev. Philip Wheaton, Leslie Salgado, and Margarito Esquino, representative of ANIS, Association of Indigenous of E1 Salvador and statements by the Zapatistas, and the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations.

musical Group, Community of Christ.

Cuauhtemoc Aztec Dance Group.

We make the following demands;

For an independent, international investigation of the massacre so that the perpetrators of this horrible crime may be brought to justice.

For the identification of all paramilitary groups presently operating with impunity in several states in Mexico; an end of all funding, training and equipping of these paramilitary groups by state and national agencies; and, an end of U.S. military aid to the Mexican Army until these crimes with impunity cease.

For the demilitarization of all Indigenous communities in Mexico and the end of all repression of these communities.

Endorsed by: the National Commission for Democracy in Mexico (NCDM National & DC metro), Project South, ANIS, the Community Of Christ, Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA, HOCOFOCA, EPICA, CREA, Mexican Information Service, Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Committee, Piscataway Indian Nation, League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations.

For further information, Call:

Rev Phil Wheaton (301) 270-9038 Or Rev. Leonel Cruz (202) 462-3237