Letter from William Thomas

P.O. Box 27217
Washington, DC 20038

November 18, 1996

Lafayette Park Manager
National Park Service
1100 Ohio Drive SW
Washington, DC

As it's been the topic of articles in the Washington Post, and the subject of TV newscasts, you must certainly be aware of the rat over population situation in Lafayette Park.

There is a very simple solution to this problem.

These are Norwegian grey rats, and the size of their population is directly proportional to the amount of food available. No food available, no rats ... that simple.

As you know, Lafayette Park is a very popular location for office workers to eat their lunch. As a result of the numerous half-eaten lunches deposited in the trashcans every afternoon, the Park provides an ideal breeding ground for rats.

All you need to do is assign one of your regular park maintenance people to work from say noon to eight, and have him/her empty the trash receptacles at 8:00pm.

No food, no rats.

Thanks for thinking,