Thomas & Ellen Thomas

P.O. Box 27217
Washington, D.C. 20038
(202) 462-0757

January 26, 1993

President and First Family
White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear President Bill Clinton and Family,

Howdy, neighbors: congratulations and welcome to your new home!! Allow me to introduce ourselves.

In 1981 I began a symbolic vigil in LaFayette (we call it, "Peace Park. My favorite sign reads "Wanted: Wisdom & Honesty." In 1984 I was joined by Ellen, whose sign reads, "Trust God and Disarm Everywhere." (Ellen voted for you, and feels rejuvenated by your success.)

We share the beliefs that "Violence is The Problem," and - with a little wisdom and honesty in high places - peace on earth is not only possible, but, for the continued existence of the human race, essential. We believe that the logical, if not only, alternative to Peace through Strength is Peace through Reason.

Perhaps we are idealists, maybe even eccentric, [but we have harmed neither person nor property, nor acted irrationally. We are simply trying to live our beliefs to the best of our ability. Convince me of our error and I will devote my every waking hour to any task you assign. Establish Peace through Reason and I will feel no need to remain in Peace Park.

Although we've caused no harm, during our old neighlbors reigns (1981-1992) our (4) regulations were promulgated which severely impacted everyone's ability to communicate in public forums. For example, while agreeing that we are entitled to food, water, blankets, literature and plastic to protect ourselves and our literature from the elements, the most secent regulation requires that all these articles be limited to "three cubic feet," which is physically impossible. Attached is a list of - mostly federal - court cases and the regulations. I suppose this body of law represents our status auo when your administration took office.

Frankly, we think our old neighbors left a legacy of really bad legal precedent. We pray our new neighbors want to live in peace and harmony will the human race, and have a higher regard for the sanctity of a public rarum than did our last neighbors. For your convenience, the accompanying news clippings are a reality check orn the representations made in this letter. As you can see, we are not the only ones affected by this bad precedent.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss the rationality pf the "three cubic foot" regulntion. I realize that you are very busy. I will be happy to put my thoughts on paper, you can pick them up when you jog through the Park, thus we might reason together.

In service to the Spirit of Understanding,


cc: Sylvion Seffel, Clinton Transition Team, Vermont Avenue. division. Hillary Clinton


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