DECEMBER 4, 1992 Washington City Paper

Bombs Away

A TRUE FRIEND SENT ME a copy of your Sept. 4 City Desk item on Initiative 37.

As an "atomic veteran" of an above-ground atom-bomb test in 1992, I do not find a matter of jest the building of weapons that would blot out en-tire cities and millions of innocent hen beings. The willingness to kill, to rectum, to genetically cripple masses of people is, in my mind, a symptom of a sick society.
Moreover, the military, certain politicos, and amoral scientists are feverishly inventing "many ways to kill your lover" [sic] and everybody else: A-bombs; bacteriological biological, chemical, and technological terminators; one submarine missile, 225 cities destroyed; the Red Plague, the Black Plague, Yel-low Fever, etc. revitalized; some mad general carving his initials with space lasers across the face of the Earth, etc.

Bad enough! But the minds that would rather spend $1 billion each on B-2 bombers than educate child-ren, that would allow minions to starve to death here and abroad, that would rather sell weapons of de-struction that might eventually be used against your people, that would keep other minions in dire poverty and in health-including those in your city, just to maintain a pool of available and exploitable labor!

What kind of minds are wining to kill millions at one shot and keep others hungry and uninformed? And editors-particularly in cities where libraries and schools are closed and the conditions men-tioned above are rampant and whose constituencies are help-less...ah, the "tongue-in-cheek" of such writers becomes a garrote around the throats of the people those editors profess to serve.

If we are to save our cities, our people, our environment, our very planet, we must change the mind-set of our military, our politicos, our scientists, and our media from hatred, despisement, abuse, and killng anyone different towards the Christ way of love.

It is my fond hope that someday soon I will see your editorial es-pousing the cause of justice, equali-ty, and love. Initiative 37 would be an excellent starting place for a de-cent society.

Rev. Michael Gramlich
Ortonville, Mich.