March 1, 1988

Dan D. Karam
PO Box 15522
Washington, DC 20003

To Judge Richey
Federal Courthouse
400 Constitution Ave. N. W.
Washington, DC

Your Honor,

I have sat in your court room on a few occasions. The courage and vigor you have displayed is uncommon and has left its impression upon me. I respect you. But my opinion of you does not dissuade me from the opinion I have of the system you represent. It is corrupt and must be dealt with before it eats out the core of its ownsubstance and crumbles from within.

Our form of government is the best on this Earth. It has resulted in the largest middle class with the highest standard of living. This is what Equality is all about. But our economic system is deplorable and has given birth to monsterous attitudes that would seek to enslave and destroy all opposition. Politicians don't initiate change. They reflect it. They try to vote in accordance with the wishes of those who vote them into office. I have therefore entered into a campaign to change the attitudes of people. I am reaching to the people of America directly. It is at public forums such as the Anti Nuclear Vigil at the White House that I am able to express my views. This is a very important place to me. I've participated in various demonstrations and protests throughout the city. No where else have I found the courage and strength to stand up to and resist the monstrosity of our insepid economic system as at Peace Park.

I am currently struggling with the concept of what to replace the drive to get rich with. This is the main motivation that is stimulating the destructive greed that is cultivated in our country. I turn to the Bible and read Job 36:11 they spend their days in prosperity, their years in happiness. This is what I want to bring to peoples attention. I do not attack incentive to excell. I encourage it. But what is wrong is when this incentive is seen to be exclusively of a material nature. I won't go into a whole dissertation of my philosophy but I did feel compelled to state a few basic ideas to let you know a little about myself and why I feel the way I do about the Peace Park Vigil.

It is my hope and intention that these ideas will have a favorable impression upon you in your future dealings with the Vigilers of Peace Park. I thank you for your dismissal of charges last April. I pray that this issue will be appealed further even to the Supreme Court and that your dismissal will be upheld. These vigilers who have been imprisoned as criminals are my friends and allies and the allies of all those who would seek to stay the destructive course of this nation and promote the creative one that God would bless.


Dan D. Karam