The Washington Times
December 16, 1987

A privatization cure for Lafayette Park

Contrary to F.J. Selzer's Dec. 8 letter, the problem with Lafayette Park is not the anti-U.S. propaganda displayed on its grounds. Freedom of expression is a God-given liberty that neither can be granted nor revoked by the state.

The problem With Lafayette Park is socialism. It is owned and operated by the federal government and its cost forced upon general taxpayers.

Privatization is the solution. Certainly there are individuals or corporation that for goodwill purposes would purchase the park and maintain it as a green space. The private parks and gardens of England long have been appreciated by the general public and are spared the degradation of those whose social habits are offensive.

The private owners of Lafayette Park could institute a user charge to help defray costs, and should then establish reasonable dress, visitation and activities codes. The park also would cease to be a burden upon productive taxpayers who never will benefit from its existence.

Indeed, there are countless publicly owned resources that should be freed from political control and placed in private hands to ensure they are put to more productive use.

FRANK N. WILNER Alexandria, Va.