July 20, 1987


The federal government has appealed an April decision in Washington, D.C., which dismissed numerous camping charges lodged against the persistent anti-nuclear vigil in Peace (Lafayette) Park, opposite Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. Concurrently, police harassment of the vigil, which had abated immediately after the dismissal, has again resumed.

Vigilers are now being challenged on regulations prohibiting storage of personal belongings at the site, with park police confiscating literature and petitions being circulated by Conception Piccioto, one of the longest-term vigilers.

Two vigilers were charged recently for interfering with the police when they stood on one man's signs to prevent police from confiscating it. Police claimed the owner of the sign had violated the "three foot" rule by moving more than that distance away from his sign.

Another vigiler, Steve Semple, was recently convicted of camping at the signs, and awaits sentencing.

For more information on the continuing presence at Reagan's door, contact the

Peace Park Anti-Nuclear Vigil;
P.O. Box 27217;
Washington, DC 20038