September 16, 1985

Richard Robbins
Assistant Solicitor
Department of Interior
18th and C NW
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Robbins:

I am writing with respect to the proposed amendments to 36 CFR 50.19(e)(11), published in the Federal Register on August 20, 1985.

Having reflected at some length on the proposal, public comments, and the media, I have taken to my typewriter to inform you of my own considered opinion.

You have a problem. The First Amendment currently prevents you from uttering regulations by which YOU might legitimize the disruption of communicative efforts on the part of individuals or small groups in the area north of the White House.

As a solution to your problem, you seem to be claiming a duty to balance "First Amendment freedoms of speech and expression against the Fifth Freedom, the right of citizens to enjoy an unblighted landscape." (Edwin Yoder, Washington POST editorial August 22, 1985)

It is my opinion that the information contained throughout 36 CFR 50 19(e)(11) pp. 33571-33575, whether created by error, miscalculation, mistake, accident, supposition, theory, hypothesis, assumption, or fabrication, is the unfortunate result of your unwillingness to meet and resolve our differences like a gentleman.

Our offer is still open to mediate through the American Bar Association Special Committee on Dispute Resolution.

In any event I do not believe the "Fifth Freedom" provides you a statutory right to propose this regulation.

Therefore I have petitioned the President to intervene in this matter, as provided for under Executive Order 12291 Sections 3(a)(1), 6(a)(5), and 7(f)(1), pursuant to "compliance with other laws," Federal Register August 20, 1985, p. 33575.

Your friend,

William Thomas
1440 NW Street NW #410
Washington, DC 2000
(202) 462-3542

P.S. I have written the enclosed poem for you and all good citizens Who aren't sure they like anti-genocidal protests.