June 16, 1984

Police bash White House protesters
and their signs

On June 6, at 6 am police officer Mr. Haines came up to Ms. Concepcion Picciotto, who has been doing a full time protest with signs for honesty and justice in front of the White House for three years. Ms Picciotto had covered herself with a piece of cardboard and the officer asked her if she was naked under that. She said, "Of course not."

Then the policeperson went over to another protester named Robert and started kicking him. Thomas, a third protester, picked up his camera to take a picture of this. This completely infuriated the police offices, who grabbed the camera from Thomas and put his arm around Thomas's neck and started punching him in the face. Ms. Picciotto ran to call her lawyer, but was picked up by police and charged on four counts: camping, assaulting an officer, indecent exposure and assisting an assault. She claims that the charges are a farce. All of the signs were smashed to pieces.